Thursday, December 18, 2014

Indiana Appellate Judge Smells Attorney's Briefs, Finds Odor Offensive

The Indianapolis Star reports:
Another Indiana judge is raising a stink over odor in the court.
Judge Patricia Riley

Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Riley has joined a colleague in objecting to the "repugnant stench" they say is coming from court documents handled by the Indiana Attorney General's office.

"The fact that all three of these malodorous records were handled by the same Deputy Attorney General prompts us to direct this third entreaty to the Office of the Attorney General with the demand that our request for clean, unscented records be heeded," Riley wrote in a recent case footnote.


Previously, Appeals Court Judge Edward Najam also expressed displeasure with an "offensive" and "unpleasant" odor similar to cigarette smoke coming from court documents handled by the attorney general's office.

Bryan Corbin, spokesman for the attorney general, said smoking is not permitted and does not happen inside the agency's offices. He said the records in the case that came before Riley were filed before Najam raised his objections and that changes have been made.


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